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We aim to improve the lives of consumers and businesses by delivering effective software products based on innovative technologies and clean design. Our work and projects effect change in the way people behave and perceive. We love building fresh, unique and usable web and mobile applications and we collaborate with anyone that has the next disruptive idea. To submit your idea, please complete the contact form here.

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Mobile Applications for businesses

In recent times, mobile phones have effectively replaced our old desktop computers. Modern mobile devices have a wide range of features that makes them just like a computer. Mobile applications, also known as mobile apps, are small programs that run on smart phones and other mobile devices. This new development has completely transformed the mobile technology giving it a new outlook which makes the mobile much more than a communication device.

According to various surveys more than 4 billion people around the world use mobile phones. In developed countries around 91% adults have mobile phone access. Mobile devices such as smart phones are becoming increasingly popular and are soon going to overtake computers as the most popular web access devices. With billions of mobile subscribers and majority of them connected to internet, businesses are provided with a huge potential customer base and expansion opportunities. Many smart phone users use their phones to help with shopping and a vast majority of them end up purchasing items.

All business enterprises can develop their unique and loyal customer base by providing downloadable easy-to-use mobile apps for their business. Such innovations in technology are becoming increasingly important in creating a wide clientele through various cost effective steps using a much better alternative to old marketing techniques.

There are various customizable mobile applications developed by 100 innovations to meet the requirement of our clients. These include Restaurant Mobile App, Church Mobile App, Pet Mobile App, Injury Law Mobile App and Cemetery Mobile App. The innovation behind these apps will enable you in enhancing your business by growing your customer base, developing a stronger connection with your customers and making your services faster and much more effective.

Mobile applications by 100 innovations help you in developing your customer base and keeping them updated about your latest offers, packages, promotions and upcoming events. You can include a lot of other information, which not only leaves a good impression on your customers but also makes them realize that they are special and unique to you and how important this business relationship is to you. Through these mobile applications, you can communicate much more easily with a larger audience as compared to emails and other conventional method of communication, which have a chance of going unnoticed.

Mobile applications for business have various unique features such as push notifications, GPS coupons, statistics and analysis of applications, updates of events and promotions, and much more. You can expand your customer base through online application markets such as Apple's App Store and Google Play. These apps also enable you to explore several new markets and help you in generating new contacts, which ultimately helps in enhancing your visibility.